Media Matters Action Network (MMAN) is a progressive research and information center dedicated to analyzing and correcting conservative misinformation; ensuring accuracy, appropriate balance, and accountability in the media through targeted public action campaigns; empowering and expanding progressive voices in the media by providing a full range of resources to assist the larger progressive community in creating and disseminating progressive information and views; and engaging in other activities at the confluence of progressive thought, policy, and media.

Media Matters Action Network is a partner project of Media Matters for America.

The Latest:

  • Women's Disinfo Defense War Room: Ahead of the 2020 election, Media Matters Action Network worked closely with the Women's Disinfo Defense War Room – a convening of women’s focused groups as well as research and media monitoring groups who aimed to sketch out the best strategies against disinformation and attacks as it pertains to women in leadership and the election – to help debunk dis-and misinformation threads circulating in the media and online around women candidates and sitting elected officials.

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