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Even as we face a faltering economy, a health-care crisis, and the ongoing war in Iraq, some of the most prominent cable news programs devote segment after segment to vitriolic and misleading coverage of illegal immigration. Lou Dobbs, Bill O'Reilly, and Glenn Beck -- a trio of cable news bullies -- serve up a steady diet of fear, anger, and resentment night after night, leaving Americans with a distorted view of illegal immigration.

I call on the following hosts to stop feeding anti-immigrant hysteria by repeating myths and misleading claims about undocumented immigrants:

Lou Dobbs, CNN

Bill O'Reilly, Fox News

Glenn Beck, CNN Headline News


Further, I call on the following cable news channels to step up and provide the American public with a fair and accurate portrayal of immigration issues:

CNN, Lou Dobbs Tonight

Fox News, The O'Reilly Factor

CNN Headline News, Glenn Beck


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I would like to receive information from Media Matters Action Network in the future on additional actions, updates, or information on this and other issues.


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