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Health Care Priorities

SUMMARY: House Republicans are voting today for the 37th time to repeal the health care law -- despite the slowdown in growth of health care costs and nonpartisan findings that fully repealing Obamacare would mean many people paying more for health insurance (see Congressional Budget Office report). Here's how to talk about what Congress should be doing instead: implementing the health care law and building on its successes with more solutions to save us more money and improve the quality of our care.


We know how to deal with health care costs, but Republicans in Congress refuse to do it.

Connect: Our leaders should be working tirelessly to make a better future, not obsessing over old political fights.

Define: We know how to deal with health care costs, but Republicans in Congress would rather waste taxpayer money trying to help their corporate donors rip us off.

Explain: The Affordable Care Act doesn't just guarantee your coverage for life and crack down on fraud and waste in Medicare. It's a major step toward bringing health care costs under control.

Illustrate: The health care law includes common sense ideas to save you money, like cutting overpayments to insurance companies and creating incentives for doctors and hospitals to get better results at lower costs.

Lead: We can do more to save money with Medicare leading the way -- by ending taxpayer giveaways to drug companies and making private insurance companies compete against Medicare's proven success as the most cost-effective care money can buy.

Priorities: It's time for our leaders to stop hospitals, private insurers, and drug companies from overcharging us. Your care should be based on your health, not what's most profitable.


CONCERN: "Obamacare implementation will be a train wreck."

ATTACK: "Obamacare increases health care costs."

ATTACK: "Medicare spending is out of control."

ATTACK: "Letting Medicare bankrupt the country is stealing from our children and grandchildren."

ATTACK: "We should raise the eligibility age for Medicare."

ATTACK: "Health reform is encouraging employers to cut the hours of their workers below 30 hours to avoid the employer mandate."

ATTACK: "Health reform is pushing employers to not offer health insurance benefits at all."

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