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Our Commander-In-Chief

SUMMARY: This week, the President was in Afghanistan to visit our troops and to sign the Security Partnership Agreement between our two countries -- prompting more attacks on the President from the right wing media as they continue desperately trying to downplay his national security achievements.


Thanks to the President's leadership, bin Laden is gone and Al Qaeda is on the run.

Connect: The Commander-in-Chief needs to be able to make tough calls and get them right the first time.

Define: President Obama is making the tough decisions that keep us safe -- by weakening our enemies around the globe, strengthening our alliances, and focusing on 21st century threats.

Illustrate: The President brought bin Laden to justice, ended the war in Iraq, and refocused America's security assets on modern threats. He understands that America's power around the world comes from not just our military, but all the tools of American strength.

Contrast: Not only has Mitt Romney said we shouldn't go after bin Laden, he still thinks Russia is America's "number one" enemy, wants to stay in Iraq, and is pushing for war with Iran. He just doesn't get it.

Bottom line: Thanks to the President's leadership, bin Laden is gone and Al Qaeda is on the run.

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ATTACK: "Obama is spiking the football in Afghanistan and visiting our troops for political gain."

ATTACK: "Obama didn't make the call to go after bin Laden -- it was one of his military generals."

ATTACK: "Going after bin Laden in Pakistan was an easy call that any president would've made."


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