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New Old Myths About Obamacare

SUMMARY: Right wing politicians and their media allies are using a misleading new report by the Koch-funded Mercatus Center to launch the same old discredited attacks on Obamacare. Here's how to go on offense.


Obamacare saves us money. To claim otherwise, Republicans would have to finally admit that they've been planning to kill Medicare.

Connect: Let's cut through the smoke and mirrors.

Define: The non-partisan authorities agree that Obamacare reduces the debt and keeps our promise to seniors by strengthening Medicare.

Contrast: The new GOP study claiming Obamacare adds to the debt is true only if Congress breaks America's promise and slashes Medicare, so all the costs of keeping our promise can be added to Obamacare.

Expose: Republican donors paid for this study so they could say in their attack ads that Obamacare increases the debt. Sure, if you use rules different from everyone else's, you can get whatever result you want.

Discredit: Republicans have talked about gutting Medicare. The assumptions they make in their latest attack show they not only want to gut it but expect to end it -- even if they haven't admitted it yet.

Affirm: In America, we keep our promises to provide retirees the Medicare they've paid for. Obamacare does just that - and strengthens Medicare and lowers our deficit to boot. 

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ATTACK: "There's a new report from the Mercatus Center saying Obamacare increases the deficit."

ATTACK: "Obama is double counting the Medicare savings to make Obamacare look fiscally responsible."


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