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Priorities in Student Loans Debate

SUMMARY: Today the Senate will vote to keep student loan interest rates from doubling on July 1. Instead of paying for it by closing a corporate tax loophole or ending tax handouts for Fortune 500 oil companies, Republicans are insisting on ending a prevention health fund.


We should be helping our kids build their futures, not crushing them with debt just so the wealthiest few and Big Oil can pay less.

Connect: Working families are struggling, but millionaires and big corporations are doing better than ever.

Define: Yet Washington Republicans would rather force working families to pay more for health care or college than ask Fortune 500 corporations and millionaire tax dodgers already raking in record profits to pitch in.

Contrast: When the roof's leaking, ordinary families aren't going to borrow $1,000 from the nephew who's working his way through college -- they're going to ask their millionaire uncle to pitch in. 

Values: We need leaders who understand that access to college is more than just part of the American Dream -- America's future depends on educating the next generation.

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ATTACK: "Obama is trying to buy young people's votes."

ATTACK: "The prevention fund in Obamacare is a 'slush fund' that should be eliminated anyway."

ATTACK: "This is a taxpayer bailout for students."


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