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Taxes and Economic Growth

SUMMARY: Polling shows the American people prefer the progressive vision for the economy over Mitt Romney's "trickle-down" by almost 20 points. When the dots are laid out, people make the connection between taxes and economic growth -- here's how to do it.


America does better when we all do better.

Connect: Working families pay their taxes, so it isn't right when millionaires and big corporations don't do their fair share.

Why we pay: Paying taxes isn't fun, but it's our investment in America's future -- keeping our neighborhoods safe, maintaining our roads and bridges, and educating our kids.

Connect the dots: Businesses depend on our roads to ship their goods and need educated workers to hire. Americans who keep our country running are customers with money in their pockets -- and that means more jobs.

Define them: Republican politicians think those who benefit the most from our system should pay the least and need special tax loopholes regular workers can't get.

Contrast: When we tried it their way with "trickle down," we got the slowest job growth since World War II and record deficits. When President Clinton told millionaires and big corporations to pay their fair share, we got millions of new jobs and strong economic growth.

Connect with values: It's simple. Our economy works best when we value working families and everyone pays their fair share.

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ATTACK: "Raising taxes on millionaires won't create jobs."

ATTACK: "Raising taxes isn't the answer to our debt crisis."

ATTACK: "Democrats are waging class warfare."


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