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The Senate's Shame

April 18, 2013 12:05 pm ET
As the President said, yesterday was a shameful day in Washington when a handful of senators voted to temporarily block legislation to require criminal background checks for commercial gun sales -- an overwhelmingly popular and common sense idea backed by 90% of the American people, including the senators' own constituents. Define their votes and the call to action.

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Their political cowardice means more children will die.

Connect: We expect our leaders to have the backbone and the integrity to do the right thing.

Contrast: Yesterday was a shameful day for Washington when a minority of senators blocked a bipartisan deal backed by 90% of the American people to keep criminals from getting guns.

Expose: Their vote to side with gun lobby donors dishonors all families ripped apart by gun violence. Their vote to go easy on criminals makes it easier for them to gun down our children.

Discredit: If they won't stand up to the lobbyists when 90% of the country would've stood with them, they are not fit to lead.

Call to action: If this Senate can't pass a bill with majority support while children are getting killed, we need new Senators who will answer to the people.

Lead: As the President said, this is just round one -- we're going to get this right sooner or later. The memories of the Newtown children demand it.


Our hearts are broken. Our spirit is not. 
    --The Sandy Hook Promise

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