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Jobs And The Sequester

April 05, 2013 9:56 am ET
Today's monthly jobs report shows only 88,000 jobs created in March and the unemployment rate at 7.6%. Here's how to talk about it in light of the sequester impacts slowly playing out across the country.

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We need more jobs and fewer self-inflicted layoffs.

Connect: It's been a long and grueling recovery and good economic news has been hard to come by.

State of play: Americans have added jobs to our economy every month for three straight years, but millions of Americans are still pounding the pavement looking for work or facing layoffs due to the sequester.

Expose: No wonder it's been the slowest economic recovery since WWII -- Republicans in Congress keep trying to lay off their own constituents and take money out of middle class Americans' pockets. 

Illustrate: Because these politicians refuse to fix the sequester, working families across the country are getting laid off while others are scraping by with smaller paychecks, less health care and education, and fewer of the basic services we all rely on.

Values: We need leaders who care more about putting their constituents back to work than about laying them off just to score political points.




In Alabama, the prospect of the local air traffic control tower closing down is why one aerospace company held off its plans to relocate its headquarters to Dothan and create 500 new jobs there.

In Idaho Falls, Idaho, hundreds of employees at the Idaho National Laboratory face layoffs and pay cuts as a result of Department of Energy cuts.

In Granite City, Illinois, the Granite City School district will be forced to lay off 9 teachers and 4 district employees at the end of the year due to budget pressures worsened by the sequester.

In Sioux City, Iowa, the Iowa Early Intervention education program is bracing for the loss of 11 teaching positions, while the Sioux City Community School Board is looking at eliminating 30 staff positions.

In Wichita, Kansas, the local Head Start program is laying off 10 staffers due to the sequester.

Across Missouri, five career centers are closing, eliminating 10 jobs along with guidance and resources for job seekers.

In Hazelwood, Missouri, workers who audit Pentagon contracts and helped save taxpayers over $4 billion last year face steep pay cuts and fewer days on the job.

In Murray, Kentucky, a local hospital already laid off 28 people because of sequestration and budget cuts.

In Saranac Lake, New York, the Adirondack Health medical center announced that it was laying off 18 workers after firing 17 people in December.

In Durham, North Carolina, the Duke Clinical Research Institute at the Duke University School of Medicine is planning to lay off 50 employees.

In North Carolina, 350 teachers could be laid off while the University of North Carolina will cut 31 work-study jobs for students receiving financial aid.

In Ohio, 150 NASA jobs are on the chopping block, while more than 10 people have already been laid off.

In Tennessee, the Natchez Trace Parkway, a unit of the National Park Service, won't be able to hire five workers for permanent positions, along with 15 seasonal employees.

In Texas, 50,000 health care jobs could be lost throughout the state if sequestration lasts through 2021.

In Rio Grande Valley, Texas, a local Head Start chapter froze the hiring of 19 staff positions in order to meet sequester cut demands.

In Hampton Roads, Virginia, 1,600 jobs with the region's hospitals and health care organizations are expected to disappear -- go unfilled through attrition. Eighty-six teacher jobs and 59 instruction support staff are also up for elimination. 

West Virginia will lose 47 jobs sponsored through VISTA,  a national service program that places volunteers with local organizations that fight poverty.

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