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Newtown Was 3 Months Ago Today

March 14, 2013 9:09 am ET
The Newtown children were killed three months ago today. While some Congressional leaders are making progress on legislation to prevent gun violence, politicians answering to the gun lobby are actively trying to stop it. Compel them to consult their consciences.

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All those whose lives are ripped apart by gun violence deserve a vote.

Newtown Children


Describe who: The Newtown children loved bikes, books, and best friends.

Illustrate: Grace wanted to be a painter. Charlotte wanted to be a veterinarian. Chase loved playing ball. Jessica loved writing stories about horses. James had given up a gift for himself so he could buy a Christmas gift for his grandfather. Jesse was killed as he tried to lead other children to safety.

Affirm: The families of these children deserve a vote.

Call to action: For all the anguish inflicted by gun violence, still we only ask our leaders for a vote. We have mourned together. It's time to lead.


Call for action: The White House Plan On Gun Violence; Action On Gun Violence, Not Just Words; and They Deserve A Vote.

Define the opposition: NRA Lobbyists vs. Gun Owners.

Flip their frame: Flipping the Gun Rights Frame.

Bolster support for the assault weapons ban: Assault Weapons Ban.

Push for universal background checks: Why Background Checks Protect Gun Owners and A Background Check For Every Gun Sale.

Discredit their approach (arming up our schools): Guns In Schools.

Rebut their attacks: ATTACKS & RESPONSES: Gun Violence and 1 Hearing, Many Myths About Gun Laws.

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