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Framing Obama For Their Sequester Layoffs

February 28, 2013 10:49 am ET
With the sequester set to cut massive amounts of money out of the economy starting tomorrow, Republican leaders in Congress are downplaying the consequences and the human impact -- even though economists are warning that Congress failing to take action means 750,000 Americans laid off this year alone, not to mention millions more made worse off as a result. Connect the dots to go on offense.

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Republican leaders in Congress are about to lay off 750,000 Americans -- and blame Obama.

Connect: We need leaders who treat the challenges American families face with urgency -- not politicians who downplay job losses like they're just another political matter.

Define: Republican leaders in Congress are about to lay off 750,000 Americans and blame the President.

Explain: Instead of agreeing to end tax loopholes for the wealthy so we can stop the sequester, they want to replace its job-killing spending cuts with job-killing spending cuts -- and force the President to implement them.

Discredit: Economic experts are warning that it's the size of the sequester's spending cuts that matters -- and that it will kill 750,000 jobs this year alone if Congress fails to act.

Illustrate: The sequester means laying off the Americans who keep our country running -- from law enforcement to teachers -- and taking money out of the pockets of regular people who keep our stores thriving and hiring.

Values: With these Congressional Republican leaders downplaying the consequences for ordinary Americans, it's no wonder most voters think they're out-of-touch and agree they should be blamed for the sequester.

Expose: It's almost as if they think regular Americans deserve these things to happen -- the massive cuts to our home front investments they've been pushing for all along.


"Read my lips: I'm not interested in an 11th-hour negotiation."
   -- Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell on Feb. 12, 2012, referring to stopping the sequester.

"So be it."
   -- Speaker John Boehner in 2011, when asked about job losses caused by spending cuts.


  • By a 20 point margin, more Americans would blame Congressional Republicans than President Obama if there's no deal to avert the sequester before tomorrow.
  • Two-thirds of Americans disapprove of the way Republicans in Congress are handling federal spending.


ATTACK: "Congress should give the President flexibility for his Administration to implement the sequester's spending cuts."

  • This is another attempt by Congressional Republicans to avoid doing their job and shift the blame to the President.
  • Let's remember that Republicans in Congress only agreed to withdraw their default crisis threats and not tank the global economy if they got the sequester that we're facing today. They voted for the deal and celebrated it. They should own it.
  • But even if they don't come clean, the American people already see right through them -- by a 20 point margin, Americans believe that the sequester is the Congressional Republicans' fault.
  • No wonder -- Americans see that they'd rather have the sequester hit America -- massive cuts to things they've been trying to cut for years, like schools, cops and firefighters -- than close a few tax loopholes for the wealthy. 


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