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1 Hearing, Many Myths About Gun Laws

January 30, 2013 9:47 am ET
Today the Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on gun violence prevention. With the head of the gun lobby Wayne LaPierre set to testify, expect to hear plenty of myths and falsehoods. Shut them down with facts and Tweetable one-liners in 140 characters or less.

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Primary Source: Fact Sheet: 16 Media Myths About Proposals to Strengthen Gun Laws

1.   MYTH: The Assault Weapons Ban Would Outlaw Most Handguns

REALITY: The Ban Only Covers Military-Style Assault Pistols

Tweetable: AWB bans assault weapons-dangerous & unusual weapons that can kill many ppl fast. Gun owners can keep guns already owned

Tweetable: assault weapons can be rifles or pistols, assault pistols just easier to conceal. Most semi-auto handguns OK under AWB

2.   MYTH:
Mass Shootings Are More Likely To Occur In Gun-Free Zones

REALITY: Most Mass Shootings Between 2009 And 2013 Occurred In Places Where Guns Were Allowed

Tweetable: NRA lobbyists are trying to fuel conspiracy theories to mislead gun owners and protect the profits of gun manufacturers & arms dealers.

Tweetable: here's the reality: not one of 62 mass shootings in US over last 30 yrs has been stopped by a civilian carrying a gun

3.   MYTH:
Under Obama Executive Action, Doctors Are Required To Ask Patients About Guns In The Home

REALITY: Doctors Can Ask About Firearm Ownership At Their Own Discretion

Tweetable: NRA lobbyists want to get btw you & your doctor. Let docs do their job, like pediatricians askng re: gun safety in home

4.   MYTH:
All Gun Violence Prevention Proposals Are Infringements On The Second Amendment

REALITY: The Supreme Court Says Guns Can Be Regulated In A Manner Consistent With The Second Amendment

Tweetable: Stronger gun laws are perfectly constitutional - just ask Justice Scalia: "the 2nd Amendment right is not unlimited"

Tweeatble: Rights come w/ responsibilities. Gun owners agree support for 2nd Amdt comes with keeping guns out of dangerous hands.

5.   MYTH:
More Guns Equal Less Crime

REALITY: "More Guns, Less Crime" Author Has Been Discredited

REALITY: Greater Firearm Availability Is Actually Linked To Higher Rates Of Homicide And Suicide 

Tweetable: More guns don't even the odds - they multiply the chaos. See stats or ask anyone who's lost loved one to gun violence

6.   MYTH:
The Public Does Not Support Stronger Gun Laws

REALITY: The Public Strongly Supports Assault Weapons Ban And Requiring Background Checks

Tweetable: huge majority of American public & gun owners support common sense gun laws, including assault weapons ban

7.   MYTH:
The NRA Will Remove Politicians From Office Who Support Stronger Gun Laws

REALITY: The NRA's Ability To Influence Electoral Outcomes Has Been Vastly Overstated By The Media. 95% Of The Money The NRA Spent In 2012 Went To Losing Races.

Tweetable: what NRA's electoral dominance looks like: 95% of the money the NRA spent in 2012 went to losing races.

8.   MYTH:
There Is No Such Thing As The Private Sales Loophole

REALITY: Private Sales Do Not Require A Background Check, Which Is The Definition Of A Loophole

REALITY: Private Sales At Gun Shows Are Often Conducted Without A Background Check

Tweetable: due to private sales loophole, anybody - terrorists, criminals, rapists - can get gun from private sellers w/out check

9.   MYTH:
Closing The Private Sales Loophole Would Prohibit Private Citizens From Selling Firearms

REALITY: Closing The Private Sale Loophole Still Allows For Private Sales To Continue, So Long As The Buyer Undergoes A Background Check

Tweetable: closing huge private sales loophole=u can still sell your gun, just not to criminals & madmen who fail background check

10.   MYTH:
Gun Violence Is Caused By Violent Video Games, Movies, And A Culture Of Violence.

REALITY: The Whole World Watches Hollywood Movies And Plays The Same Video Games -- But America Has A Gun Murder Rate 20 Times Higher Than Other Developed Nations

Tweetable: Whole world watches violent movies and plays violent video games. Only US has gun murder rate 20x higher.

11.   MYTH:
Assault Weapon Bans Are Ineffective Because Most Crime Guns Are Handguns.

REALITY: Assault Weapons And High-Capacity Magazines Are A Common Thread In Mass Shootings, Including In Newtown, Oak Creek, Aurora And Tucson.

Tweetable: military style assault weapons & high capacity mags turn shootings into mass shootings - just like in Newtown & Aurora

12.   MYTH:
Members Of Congress Exempted Themselves From The Assault Weapons Ban

REALITY: Proposed Federal Assault Weapons Ban Exempts Military & Law Enforcement, Treats Members of Congress The Same As Everyone Else

Tweetable: right wing media is spreading lies about Congress exempting itself from assault weapons ban, get truth about bill here

13.  MYTH:
The Only Way To Protect Our Children’s Safety Is To Put An Armed Guard In Every School

REALITY: Armed Law Enforcement Were Not Able to Stop Mass Shootings At Columbine And Virginia Tech

Tweetable: Armed law enforcement were not able to stop tragedies at Columbine and Virginia Tech.

Tweetable: If a killer with a military-style assault weapon wants to shoot up a school, an armed guard is not an obstacle - he's just the first target.

14.   MYTH:
Only 10% Of Gun Transfers Are Between Private Individuals

REALITY: Best Available Research Confirms Up To 40% Of All Transfers Are Conducted Without Background Checks

Tweetable: contrary to discredited & disgraced John Lott, up to 40% of all gun transfers fall into private sale loophole

15.   MYTH:
The Obama Administration Will Use Executive Orders To Override The Second Amendment

REALITY: Executive Order Proposals On Gun Violence Have Not Involved Restricting Weapons That Law-Abiding Americans Can Purchase

Tweetable: What about the rights of the Newtown children? That's why Obama's taking action & it's perfectly constitutional

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