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Gun Violence: Prep Guide

January 16, 2013 12:20 am ET
Today the White House Task Force on gun violence will issue its policy recommendations, which may include executive orders and legislative action. As the country reacts, here are messaging resources and a media myths & facts sheet to guide you.

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Congress chose to legalize the gun that killed the Newtown children. Time to make it right.


Define the opposition: NRA Lobbyists vs. Gun Owners.

Call for action: The White House Plan On Gun Violence and Action On Gun Violence, Not Just Words.

Flip their frame: Flipping the Gun Rights Frame.

Discredit their approach (arming up our schools): Guns In Schools.

Rebut their attacks: ATTACKS & RESPONSES: Gun Violence and 1 Hearing, Many Myths About Gun Laws.

Bolster support for the assault weapons ban: Assault Weapons Ban.


Words to use

Preventing gun violence / Gun violence prevention
Gun violence prevention advocates
Public safety laws
Stronger gun laws 
Loophole-ridden laws
Private sale loophole
A criminal background check for every gun sale
NRA lobbyists (instead of just "the NRA")

Words to avoid

Gun control
Gun control advocates

"Stricter" gun laws
Lax gun regulations
Gun-show loophole


Fact Sheet: Nine Media Myths About Proposals to Strengthen Gun Laws

1.  Q: Is any attempt to regulate firearms a violation of the Second Amendment?

FACT: The Supreme Court Says Guns Can Be Regulated In A Manner Consistent With The Second Amendment

2.  Q: Is it true that weaker gun laws lead to lower crime rates?

FACT: "More Guns, Less Crime" Author Has Been Discredited

FACT: Greater Firearm Availability Is Actually Linked To Higher Rates Of Homicide And Suicide 

3.  Q: Does the public support gun violence prevention measures?

FACT: Specific Proposals, Such As The Assault Weapons Ban And Requiring Background Checks On Every Gun Purchase, Have Strong Public Support

4.  Q: Does the NRA have the ability to remove from office politicians who support stronger gun laws?

FACT: The NRA's Ability To Influence Electoral Outcomes Has Been Vastly Overstated By The Media. 95% Of The Money The NRA Spent In 2012 Went To Losing Races

5.  Q: Have any proposals been put forward which would result in federal gun confiscation?

FACT: Assault Weapons Ban Would Allow Current Owners To Keep Their Weapons

6.  Q: Are guns that are commonly called assault weapons more dangerous than other firearms?

FACT: Assault Weapons Are Designed To Be More Lethal Than Other Firearms

7.  Q: Are sellers at gun shows required to perform a background check on buyers?

FACT: Private Sales Without A Background Check, Which Are Often Conducted At Gun Shows, Are Extremely Common

8.  Q: Would closing the private sales loophole prevent private citizens from selling firearms?

FACT: Gun Show Loophole Legislation Allows For Private Sales To Continue, So Long As A Background Check Is Performed On The Buyer

9.  Q: Has the Obama administration proposed using an executive order to outlaw certain firearms?

FACT: Executive Order Proposals On Gun Violence Have Not Involved Restricting Weapons That Law-Abiding Americans Can Purchase

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