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Support Our Troops Or Pork?

January 09, 2013 12:30 pm ET
As Congressional Republicans like Sen. Ayotte fearmonger over the coming Pentagon budget cuts that the next Defense Secretary will preside over, we must keep pressing the point that finding savings in the Pentagon budget is more than just fiscally responsible and supported by the public. Cutting Pentagon waste makes us stronger by keeping us focused on real 21st century threats -- which is why our military leaders and national security expert after expert after expert support it.

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Cutting Pentagon waste makes us stronger.

Connect: We need to be strategic in how we invest our money as a nation so we're focused on current needs and future threats. 

Define: It doesn't make us any safer or help our troops for Congress to keep spending money like we're still fighting two major wars and buying outdated Cold War weapons. But it does bring home the bacon.

Expose: Congress is forcing our generals to spend billions on pork-barrel projects they don’t want and don't need just to pay off campaign donors.

Debunk: Defense spending doubled this last decade -- and the coming savings in the Pentagon budget merely return the funding levels to what they were at the height of the Iraq war.

Explain: There's so much waste in the massive Pentagon budget that millions in taxpayer money are going straight to contractor CEO pay. The Pentagon is even sitting on $100 billion in unused money!

Lead: It's time to modernize and reshape the national security budget to match our national security strategy. That means strategic budget savings that put our troops and our economic security ahead of Pentagon pork.

Words to usePentagon budget; Pentagon pork;
Savings in the Pentagon budget; Cutting waste;
Our military ahead of millionaires
Words to avoid: Cutting our military; Cutting our defense


CLAIM: "The sequester's defense cuts will devastate our military."

  • We're dealing with these sequester cuts because Congressional Republicans kept refusing to put the military ahead of millionaires and to end tax breaks for the richest 2%. They admit to it, saying that "my party has their fingerprints all over it."
  • Our military budget is already bigger than the next 13 countries' combined and the Pentagon budget doubled this last decade.
  • The coming savings in the Pentagon budget merely return the funding levels to what they were at the height of the Iraq war. But it's as if Republicans in Congress think we're still fighting two major wars in the Middle East, plus the Cold War.
  • The world has changed, and so have the tools we need. So let's enact strategic cuts that keep us focused on current needs and future threats. It's in our strategic interests to build the leaner, more agile force that our military leaders want.


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