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FEMA And The Frankenstorm

October 30, 2012 12:45 pm ET
With America taking stock of the deaths and devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, the spotlight is on our first responders and President Obama's handling of the disaster response, which New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is calling "outstanding." It's a stark contrast to Mitt Romney, who said FEMA should be privatized and that it's "immoral" to budget for disaster response programs. True to form, he's now trying to hide this unpopular stance while campaigning in Ohio.

(NOTE: The best way to help disaster aid organizations is to donate cash rather than stuff.)

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Campaign spin can't hide Romney's plan to devastate FEMA and disaster aid.

Connect: As America takes stock of Frankenstorm Sandy's devastation, our first responders are taking action.

Define: Disaster coordination is one of the most vital functions of our federal government, but Mitt Romney would privatize it and guarantee less funding for disaster response by turning it all over to cash-strapped states.

Expose: Romney says we can't afford FEMA and the first responders who keep us safe during disasters and help us recover, but that we can afford $5 trillion in tax cuts favoring the wealthy.

Illustrate: He would privatize FEMA, slash funding for the scientists and weather forecasters who sound the alarm bells, and lay off the emergency crews who rescue us from the floodwaters.

Discredit: Romney's "I've got mine, you're on your own" priorities and his determination to repeat Bush's mistakes are the last things we need during a hurricane.


Question: What does Frankenstorm Sandy tell us about climate change?

  • Hurricane Sandy shows us we need to be worried about climate disruption, just like we should've been worried before Sandy and we should be after. Of course climate change is changing the weather. We see it with our own eyes.
  • Scientists are being extra careful about the climate causing any given weather event. But what we do know has experts very worried that climate change made the storm worse and more destructive.
  • Here's how: Climate change is warming our oceans. When storms travel over warmer waters, they pick up extra moisture to dump out as rain. Climate change has also already caused sea levels to rise, making storm surges and flooding worse -- which come into play with any type of coastal storms, including hurricanes.


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