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The Tax Plan He's Hiding

September 10, 2012 2:01 pm ET
Mitt Romney took to the airwaves this weekend to claim that he would not raise taxes on the middle class. Nonpartisan, independent experts have shown his tax plan would unavoidably do so. We must make sure Americans know the truth. Break through by connecting his tax returns, which everyone knows he's hiding, to his tax plan. Here's how.


First he hid his tax returns. Now he's hiding his tax plan.

Connect: Voters want leaders who say what they mean, no matter who they are talking to.  

Define: Mitt Romney now says he won't raise taxes on the middle class -- but that means he's promising to not follow his own tax plan.

Expose: First he doesn't want us to know how little he pays in taxes. Now he doesn't want us to know how much more we'd pay under his plan -- and how much less he'd pay.

Explain: It's basic arithmetic -- the numbers in his tax plan only work if he raises taxes on the middle class. If Romney wants to claim he's not going to, he needs to put out a different plan.

Discredit: Who do you believe: a politician who's trying to have it both ways to win an election -- or nonpartisan experts who have nothing to gain and only their reputations to lose?

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  • Mitt Romney's new favorite tax shelter is the plan his pick for VP authored: Congressman Ryan has proposed a budget that would've let Mitt Romney pay less than 1% in income taxes.
  • TPC & BrookingsRomney's tax plan would raise taxes on 95% of Americans, including the entire middle class, making the average middle class family pay $2,000 more -- while giving a millionaire another tax cut of nearly $100,000 on top of the Bush tax cuts (separately worth about $150,000).
  • TPCCAP: Romney's plan would raise taxes on 18 million families to help pay for massive tax cuts for himself, including $4.5 million in income taxes and over $110 million in estate taxes.
  • CTJ: Romney's plan would give those making over $1 million an average tax cut of $250,000, even if they have to give up all of the tax loopholes that Romney has supposedly put on the table.
  • NEC: As a House Republican, Congressman Ryan pushed to raise taxes on 25 million working families by an average of $1,000 apiece, while giving a tax cut of $160,000 to those making over a million.
  • NEC: In fact, as a Republican in Congress, he's threatening to raise taxes on 98% of Americans, or almost 120 million working families, by an average of $1,600 unless the richest 2% get $1 trillion more in tax cuts.
  • JEC: The Romney-Ryan agenda would give a household making more than a million dollars a tax cut of almost $300,000, but raise taxes for a typical middle class family by $1,400.

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