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Romney-Ryan Cornered On Medicare

August 16, 2012 5:23 pm ET
After falsely attacking the President for the same $700B in Medicare savings found in both the Romney-Ryan plan and Obamacare, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are now claiming they'd add the waste back -- undoing Obamacare's extension of Medicare by nearly a decade and instead making the program go insolvent in just four years.


Privatize it, bankrupt it, any way you slice it, Romney-Ryan would end Medicare.

Reaffirm: Let’s be clear: Obamacare preserves every dime of Medicare benefits. Romney-Ryan does not.

Define: Whether they'll privatize it or bankrupt it, Romney-Ryan would end Medicare as we know it.

Explain: After attacking Obamacare for the same $700 billion savings in their own plan, Romney & Ryan are now claiming they'd put that $700 billion in waste and abuse back into Medicare -- making Medicare go broke in just four years.

Remind: That's on top of their plan to end Medicare by replacing it with a privatized voucher system that sticks seniors with just a coupon to hand over to the insurance companies.

Contrast: Obamacare reinvests that savings back in Medicare to expand benefits and extend Medicare's finances by nearly a decade.

Expose: Any way you look at it, Romney-Ryan would cut benefits and end Medicare as we know it.

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MYTH: "Current seniors won't be affected under the Romney-Ryan plan."

  • Actually, Romney-Ryan would immediately take away benefits for seniors that Obamacare added to Medicare, like free preventive care and more help with prescription drug costs.
  • In fact, if Romney-Ryan had been in place, seniors would already be paying hundreds more for Medicare.
  • And Romney-Ryan would eventually make Medicare wither away as insurance companies pick off the healthiest seniors for profit and stick everyone else with higher costs.
  • In a nutshell, Romney-Ryan ends Medicare as we know it.

MYTH: "The Romney-Ryan plan is bipartisan."

  • Actually, the Democrat they're referring to, Sen. Wyden, has rejected the Romney-Ryan plan and voted against it in the Senate.
  • As the Democratic senator said, "Bipartisanship requires that you not make up the facts," and "Governor Romney is talking nonsense."

CLAIM: "Romney-Ryan will put the $700 billion right back into Medicare."

  • Putting that waste and abuse back into Medicare will only make Medicare go broke in just four years. Privatize it, bankrupt it, any way you slice it, Romney-Ryan would end Medicare.
  • Here's what Romney and Ryan really want to use that money for: help pay for trillions of wasteful tax cuts for the already-rich and big corporations.
  • It's just one piece of the Romney-Ryan plan for America: a massive redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the already-rich.
  • Whether you call it top-down class warfare or Robin Hood in reverse, the Romney-Ryan plan would take from regular Americans to give more to the wealthiest few in our country.

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