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Why We Have Tax Day

April 17, 2012 9:14 am ET
Today is Tax Day, when millions of Americans file their federal income tax returns. Here's how to talk about why we pay taxes and why everyone paying their fair share is essential to economic growth.


People who do well in America ought to do well by America, so everyone has a fair shot.

Connect: America is the greatest country on earth -- we need everyone pitching in to keep it that way.

Define: Paying taxes isn't fun, but they are our investment in America's future -- keeping our neighborhoods safe, maintaining our roads and bridges, and educating our kids.

Connect the dots: Businesses depend on our roads to ship their goods and need educated workers to hire. Americans who keep our country running are customers with money in their pockets -- and that means more jobs.

Contrast: Working families pay their taxes, but thousands of millionaires and big corporations that benefit the most from how our taxes are invested in America will give back nothing at all.

Discredit: When your family needs money to repair the roof, you stop handing out gifts to your millionaire uncle instead of raiding your child's college savings. 

Expose: Republican politicians trying to let the 1% pay even less see things differently. They think those who benefit the most should pay the least and need tax loopholes regular workers can't get.

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ATTACK: "Raising taxes on millionaires won't create jobs."

  • When President Clinton told millionaires and big corporations to pay their fair share, we got millions of new jobs and strong economic growth.
  • We should be putting money in the pockets of real job creators: the middle class whose spending keeps our businesses thriving and hiring. But Republicans would rather take from working families to give more to millionaires and big corporations already sitting on trillions of cash.
  • When people who do well in America do well by America, we can help pay down our debt and put Americans back to work -- and that means more customers with money in their pockets.
  • Everyone paying their fair share means America can invest in the things that keep our businesses thriving -- maintaining the roads they use, keeping their stores safe, and educating the workers they hire.

ATTACK: "Raising taxes isn't the answer to our debt crisis."

ATTACK: "Democrats are waging class warfare."

  • As Warren Buffett tells it, the only class warfare in America is being waged by his class -- and they're winning.
  • In America, we celebrate success and want everyone who plays by the rules to do well. And when people do well in America, they should do well by America so everyone has a fair shot.
  • Our economy works best when everyone plays by the same rules, everyone pays their fair share, and everyone gets a fair shot.


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