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March 23, 2012 8:35 am ET
Americans from all walks of life -- working moms and dads, college students, seniors, business owners, and nurses -- are sharing their stories about what the health care law means to them. As we mark the Affordable Care Act's two year anniversary, here are stories to remind all Americans that real people are behind the facts and figures.

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"'s been a lifesaver -- perhaps literally."
-- Spike Dolomite Ward, mother with cancer who previously opposed the health care law.

"Getting the donut hole closed, that gives me a little more money in my pocket...I do have more peace of mind with health care reform."

-- Helen, grandmother with Medicare who takes seven different medications.

"With the Affordable Care Act, we now have this huge burden lifted from our shoulders." "It's been a ... literally a lifesaver for Violet -- and in saving her life, it saved our life."

-- Julie and Matt McManus, parents of a child with epilepsy.

"In my experience, it's a job creator."

-- Mark Hodesh, small business owner.

"if at any point my insurance dropped I'd be in big trouble... It's given me the flexibility to pursue a career and not go bankrupt because of a health condition that I can't control."

-- Emily S., 20 year-old college student with a chronic, autoimmune disease.

"This gives me so much hope that I can be strong and healthy for my kids. I look forward to watching them grow up..."

-- Jordyn Zimmerman, mother with a pre-existing condition.

"Thanks to the new law, no cancer patient -- or anyone with a serious illness -- will be faced with this kind of death sentence again."

-- Kim Klinger, nurse who has seen patients and their families bankrupted by cancer.

"If this seems too good to be true, think again...This is what it looks like when government works for us and prioritizes our health."

-- Sandra Fluke


  • If you have a pre-existing condition, the health care law means your insurance company can't subject you to the worst of industry practices.
  • 130 million Americans have a pre-existing condition -- and starting in 2014, they cannot be denied coverage, be charged significantly higher premiums, or have their benefits cut by their insurance companies.
  • If you're a young person finishing up college or looking for that first job, the health care law means you can stay on your parent's health plan until you're 26.
  • 2.5 million young Americans now have health insurance thanks to the law.
  • If you have a chronic illness, the health care law means your health insurer can't max out your health insurance benefits just when you get sick and need the coverage the most.
  • 105 million Americans now no longer have lifetime dollar limits on their coverage.
  • If you're a senior with Medicare, the health care law means you're saving money your prescription drugs and getting access to no-cost preventive services.
  • More than 5 million people with Medicare have saved $3 billion on their medicines so far thanks to the health care law.
  • If you're a small business owner, the health care law means you can get tax credits to help cover your employees' health coverage.
  • Last year, 360,000 small businesses used the health care law's Small Business Health Care Tax Credit to help them afford health insurance for 2 million workers.
  • For state-by-state data on how the health care law is already working for millions of Americans, please click here.

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