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How To Shut Down Gas Price Attacks

March 05, 2012 2:59 pm ET
Gas prices were a hot topic on the Sunday shows -- and as the economy picks up steam, we're sure to hear more right-wing attacks. Here's how to shut them down.


      SMEAR: "The Energy Secretary said Obama doesn't want to lower gas prices."

  • That's not what the Energy Secretary said. He said our goal is to decrease our dependence on oil, which we should all want. The Politico report that this information is based on has been retracted.
  • Drilling isn't the answer. U.S. oil production is the highest it's been in years -- but gas prices are still going up and it would take years before we'd see a drop from new drilling.
  • If Republicans really cared about gas prices, they'd help crack down on Wall Street speculation that's driving up prices -- instead of trying to keep us hooked on oil.

      MYTH: "Repealing Big Oil subsidies will raise gas prices."

  • Giving tax handouts to oil companies to drill makes as much sense as paying the sun to go down each night, but Republican politicians are protecting them anyway.
  • The truth is that taxpayer giveaways to Big Oil have no effect on gas prices -- they just waste billions in taxpayer dollars on oil companies already raking in record profits.
  • Instead of protecting Big Oil campaign donors at the expense of taxpayers, let's invest in energy efficiency to ease our reliance on oil and in cleaner, safer sources of energy that won't ever run out.

      ATTACK: "The Keystone pipeline will lower gas prices."

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