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Sabotaging Our Recovery

February 07, 2012 9:10 am ET
The right-wing media and their political allies are using discredited evidence and false claims to try to distort and dismiss last week's encouraging jobs news.


Good news on jobs is only bad news if you're trying to sabotage our recovery.

Connect: We have a long way to go until we're fully recovered, but good news on jobs is still good news.  

Define: But Republican politicians and their allies are reacting to encouraging news on jobs like it's bad news -- using false claims to distort and dismiss it.

Expose: They've said their top political priority is defeating President Obama, and so they've fought job creating plans and laid off droves of teachers, cops, and firefighters.

Discredit: It should come as no surprise they'd fight job creation and be upset when Americans do well -- they'd rather see Obama lose than America win.

Bottom line: Good news on jobs is only bad news if you're trying to sabotage our recovery.


Romney: "I will not just slow the growth of government. I will cut it."

Boehner: "Obama doesn't deserve credit -- without him, we could be doing better."

  • The American people deserve credit and that's who this President's policies have supported-- despite political opponents trying to cut millions of American jobs at the same time.
  • We should be putting money in the pockets of the real job creators: regular Americans whose spending keeps our businesses thriving and hiring. That's what Obama is doing.
  • We can keep our economy going in the right direction -- but we need leaders who want Americans to succeed more than they want the President to fail.


  • Half of Americans believe that Republicans are intentionally stalling efforts to jumpstart the economy to ensure President Obama isn't re-elected. Even Republican politicians admit they're sabotaging the economic recovery just to defeat Obama.
  • Our economy added almost a quarter million new private sector jobs last month, bringing the total number of total jobs created in the past two years to 3.7 million and unemployment down to its lowest level in almost three years.
  • If Republican politicians hadn't pushed so hard to lay off our teachers, cops, and firefighters, our unemployment rate would be 7.7% today -- which would mean a 50% bigger drop than we've had so far since the recession technically ended in June 2009. (Click here for background on how this figure would be calculated using BLS jobs data.)
  • In contrast, the economy that President Obama inherited was losing nearly a million jobs each month just before he took office.
  • Last year alone, Washington Republicans tried tokill over 7 million jobs.
  • They also repeatedly chose millionaires over jobs for our teachers, construction workers, and even veterans, and kept trying to lay off Americans who keep our country running.
  • All the GOP hopefuls for president want to give the richest 1% even bigger giveaways -- but we've tried "trickle down" economics so we know it doesn't create jobs.

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