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January 17, 2012 7:20 am ET
Big Oil and their political allies are ramping uptheir lies about the Keystone XL pipeline. Here's the real story.


Helping Big Oil make billions selling Canadian oil overseas is not a jobs plan.

Connect: We need leaders who are more serious about protecting the interests of the American people than the interests of Big Oil companies.

Define: Helping a foreign company transfer oil through America so it can sell Canadian oil overseas is not a jobs plan.

Expose: Washington Republicans voted repeatedly to sabotage our economy by throwing millions of Americans out of work. Now they're trying to dress up a payoff to their Big Oil campaign donors as an effort to help American workers.

Discredit: They finally found a "jobs plan" they like. Sure, it doesn't hire many people -- and it puts family farms and rancher jobs at risk -- but Big Oil will make billions.

Bottom line: We should never mistake the interests of Big Oil for the interests of the American people or our economy.

Tweet: KXL Pipeline = CYA Pipeline (GOP's pathetic attempt to cover for laying off millions)

Tweet: we shld never mistake Big Oil's interests for the national interest. Keystone's a moneymaker for Big Oil, not a real jobs plan for Americans


"Keystone will create 20,000 jobs."

  • Of course that's what Big Oil's estimates show. The only independent study of Keystone found that it could create as few as 50 permanent jobs in the U.S., along with a maximum of 4,500 temporary jobs.
  • The pipeline could actually kill more jobs than it creates. It would raise gas prices in the region, laying off thousands in trucking and tourism. And a rupture in Keystone would devastate farms and ranches along the pipeline, just like the BP Oil spill devastated Gulf fishermen.
  • Helping a foreign company transfer Canadian oil across America just so it can be sold overseas is not a jobs plan. But it's a great plan for Big Oil to make billions.

"Obama is putting politics before jobs -- he's just trying to please environmentalists."

  • Here's what partisan politics looks like: Washington Republicans using Keystone to sabotage a payroll tax cut for 160 million working Americans.
  • Keystone is about Washington Republicans protecting the profits of Big Oil while trying to hurt the President politically -- not about jobs.
  • As one Washington Republican put it, "the fact that the president doesn't like it makes me like it even more." That's the very picture of putting politics first.

"If this pipeline isn't built, China will get our oil."


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