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450,000 Jobs At Stake

November 03, 2011 8:33 am ET

Later today, the Senate will vote on the President's infrastructure jobs plan, which is paid for by asking millionaires and billionaires to chip in just 0.7% more on the money they make above a million dollars. 


This is a real choice: put 450,000 Americans back to work OR protect tax giveaways for millionaires that don't create jobs.

Connect: Millionaires are doing just fine, but the roads and bridges we all rely on are crumbling.

Define: The President's plan will put Americans back to work right away rebuilding them -- putting money in the pockets of working Americans and more customers in our stores.

Contrast: Choosing millionaire tax giveaways instead won't create jobs, but that's been the Republican political strategy all along: keeping the economy from getting better on Obama's watch so they have him to blame.

Make them choose: This is a real choice with real consequences: more jobs for their constituents fixing roads and bridges in their own states OR more tax giveaways for the 1%.


"We can't support this infrastructure bill because it raises taxes."

"The last infrastructure stimulus failed - this one will too."

"We should pass this bipartisan contractor tax withholding bill for job creators instead."

  • Washington Republicans are actually saying this bill is their top jobs priority -- while refusing to back a plan that economists say will create hundreds of thousands of jobs.
  • The real story here is that Republicans in Congress are willing to keep 450,000 Americans jobless and let our roads and bridges crumble.
  • The choice should be obvious: jobs for Americans rebuilding our roads and bridges OR tax giveaways for millionaires that don't create jobs.




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