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Laying off Teachers, Firefighters, and Cops

October 21, 2011 8:46 am ET

Last night, every single Republican in the Senate voted down the President's plan to put more of our teachers, firefighters, and cops back on the job.


They chose to lay off teachers, firefighters, and cops to save millionaires half a penny on the dollar in taxes.

Connect: Ordinary American families are getting crushed -- millionaires and billionaires aren't.

Define: But last night, Republican politicians chose to lay off hundred of thousands of teachers, firefighters and cops in order to save millionaires half a penny on the dollar in taxes.

Discredit: They showed once again that protecting millionaire tax giveaways and defeating the President are higher priorities than saving their own constituents' jobs.

Contrast: They chose to keep millionaire tax giveaways that don't create jobs instead of putting Americans back to work in jobs that keep our country running. It shouldn't even have been a close call.


"This bill won't create jobs, just like the stimulus didn't work."

"Any tax increase will harm job creation."

  • Let's put money into the hands of the real job creators in this country -- American small businesses and the middle class.
  • We can't go back to "trickle down." We saw what it led to under Bush: the slowest job growth since World War II and record deficits.
  • When President Clinton told millionaires and corporations to pay their fair share in taxes, we got millions of new jobs and strong economic growth.


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