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Teachers Are Good

October 19, 2011 8:28 am ET

The Senate could vote as soon as this week on the President's plan to prevent teacher layoffs and get more teachers back in our schools - 400,000 jobs. Even Republican Gov. McDonnell's administration admits the President's policies created and protected nearly 8,000 teacher jobs in his state.


Teachers are preparing the next generation of American innovators to lead the global economy -- we can't let partisan politics get in their way. 

Connect: Competition in the global economy has never been tougher -- America should be leading in education, not getting left behind.

Define: In classrooms across America, teachers are preparing the next generation of American innovators and business leaders to succeed in the global economy.

Contrast: Teacher layoffs mean more overcrowded classrooms -- and that means less successful students and less future American innovators. 

Make them choose: Congress faces a choice: take away teachers from our kids when they need them most or make millionaires pay half a penny on the dollar more in taxes. For Americans, it's not even close.

Value: There is no higher calling for our country than to help our children reach their full potential.



"Obama is just trying to buy the vote of teachers unions for the re-election."

  • Investing in our teachers is investing in our children - and in our nation's economic future.
  • America's success tomorrow depends on the teachers we provide to our children today.
  • Teachers should be paid a fair wage for their work and the decent benefits they need to take care of their families. When they join together through unions, they can make sure that happens.

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