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Tax Cuts for Millionaires But Not the Middle Class

September 27, 2011 9:16 am ET

Yet another poll released yesterday shows that Americans support raising taxes on the richest among us. But Republican politicians keep doing the opposite: defending tax giveaways for millionaires and big corporations and attacking anyone who wants to take them away - or give tax cuts to anyone else.


When Washington Republicans say they want tax cuts, they only mean for millionaires and big corporations - not for working Americans.

Connect: Millionaires and billionaires are doing just fine, but our middle class is struggling.

Explain: Holding up the President's jobs and payroll tax cut plan takes money out of the pockets of working Americans and small businesses. That means fewer customers for our stores and less hiring.

Define: Washington Republicans love to fight for tax cuts - except when they're for working Americans.

Expose: Making middle-class Americans pay MORE taxes so millionaires can pay LESS taxes makes no sense - unless you're a politician and those millionaires paid for your campaign.

Words to use: Middle class, Tax giveaways for millionaires and big corporations
Words to avoid: Individuals making over $250,000

Tweet: GOP: tax cuts only good for millionaires and not for ppl who work for a living. #GOPHypocrisy


"The President's payroll tax cut will make our debt problems worse."

  • If Washington Republicans were serious about deficits, they wouldn't have fought so hard for the Bush tax cuts and two unfunded wars that led to the record deficits we're dealing with today.
  • They liked the payroll tax cut until President Obama came along. If they're just trying to keep the economy from getting better on Obama's watch, then they're getting it done.
  • Putting Americans back to the work is the best way to handle our debt. The President's plan does just that - it makes it easier for small businesses to hire and puts Americans on the job right away fixing our bridges, roads, and schools.

"Raising taxes on job creators hurts job creation."

"The President is waging class warfare with his tax cuts."


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