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Why We Say "We"

August 04, 2011 9:19 am ET

As Members of Congress head home to listen to the concerns of the American people, now more than ever, it's important that we connect with the audiences we need to reach. Today's memo takes a break from our traditional format to explain one important way of doing this: using "we" and "they".


We, Our, Us

"We need to rebuild the middle class, not dismantle it one American family at a time." 

"In America, we believe in shared sacrifice."

"We need leaders who stand up for us."


  • We want to connect with everyday Americans -- those who are with us and can be persuaded to be with us.
  • We are on the side of working families, the American people, and the middle class.
  • We are standing up for our values, the values we all share.


They, Their, Them

"They'd rather see the President of the United States fail than help all of us succeed."

"They've laid off our teachers, nurses, and construction workers -- which means fewer customers in our stores and less money in our pockets."

"They'll take away Medicare our seniors already paid for, but they won't get rid of handouts to oil companies profiting from the pain we feel at the pump."


  • They are distant from the American people. Their values aren't our values. They don't get it.
  • They are on the side of Wall Street, Big Oil, and billionaires -- not the people who elected them.
  • They put politics and ideology before people, before us.


On our jobs: Our Jobs, Not Theirs

On our seniors: Stuck on Medicare Scheme

On our pain at the pump: GOP Has It Backwards


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