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Broken Record Budget

June 10, 2011 8:34 am ET

This week, Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty unveiled his economic plan, which claims to produce growth by slashing taxes for millionaires by nearly 50% -- but even Republican economists have called it "impossible" and "unrealistic." 


 Like a broken record, the GOP's answer to everything is always the same: more tax breaks for the super-rich.

Connect: The way to rebuild our economy is to restore our middle class, not just make the rich richer.

Define them:  But like a broken record, the GOP's answer to everything is always the same: reward the millionaires and corporations that fund their campaigns, and make the rest of us pay for it.  

Expose: Just look at their budget:  it gives huge tax breaks to millionaires and corporations while it destroys Medicare, makes deep cuts in the Medicaid our seniors in nursing homes rely on, and cuts Pell Grants, education and cancer research.

Discredit: Handouts to the super-rich didn't work before and won't work now - they failed to create jobs and left us with massive debt.  

Core values:
America is built on a strong middle class, and that means good jobs, growing opportunity, and hope for the future -- not more tax giveaways to millionaires who don't need it and don't spend it.


"Obama made the deficit and the economy worse."

  • Republicans in Congress pretend to care about deficits, but their giveaways to millionaires, oil companies and big banks continue to drive up our deficits  - and they're not doing anything to create good jobs for ordinary Americans.
  • The best way to reduce the deficit is to put Americans back to work, and that should be our top priority. We've got a long way back, and 15 straight months of private sector job growth is a start.

"Liberals are waging class warfare."

  • The truth is that powerful corporations with their well-paid lobbyists are waging class warfare against the rest of us.
  • And Republican leaders like Paul Ryan claim their policies are based on the teachings of atheist philosopher and Tea Party patron saint Ayn Rand, who thought only the rich had value and selfishness was the highest virtue.
  • It's time we got our values and priorities right and stopped giving tax breaks to billionaires and big corporations when working Americans are struggling to make ends meet, and instead focused on creating good jobs and rebuilding the middle class.

"The Bush tax cuts grew the economy and created millions of jobs." 


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