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Ten Years Tomorrow

June 06, 2011 8:21 am ET

Ten years ago tomorrow, President George W. Bush signed into law the first of several tax cuts that drove the balanced budget he inherited deep into the red. Meanwhile, Republican politicians say we can't afford the Medicare our seniors paid for, yet they want to make the Bush tax cuts permanent -- which would double our budget deficit (click here to see what that means for your state).


Our leaders are supposed to be working for working Americans, not just their multi-millionaire donors.

Connect: Our leaders are supposed to be working for working Americans.  

Define them: Washington Republicans say we can't afford the Medicare our seniors paid for, but they're openly pushing for more budget-busting tax giveaways for their millionaire and corporate donors.

Discredit: They pretend to care about deficits, but their actions tell the real story: they fought for millionaire tax breaks that created record deficits and now they're pushing for trillions more.

Core values:
It's time we had a tax code that's fair to people who work for a living. Let's stop giving special tax breaks to millionaires who don't need it and don't spend it and get to work creating good jobs and strengthening the middle class.


"The Bush tax cuts grew the economy and created millions of jobs." 

"All Democrats do is raise taxes and spend money."

"The last thing we need to do is raise taxes on job creators - we need to cut corporate tax rates to promote competition and fix our economy."


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