"Path to Poverty" For America

April 05, 2012 8:20 am ET
This week, Republicans in Congress are back in their home districts desperately trying to convince their constituents that voting to disinvest in America to pay for more millionaire tax giveaways is really putting our country on the so-called "Path to Prosperity."


The Republican budget puts America on a Path to Poverty.

Connect: We need to rebuild the middle class, not shrink it one American family at a time.

Define: The Romney-Ryan budget would end Medicare as we know it and gut investments in our kids so oil company CEOs and their hedge fund managers can get more tax giveaways.

Explain: It would kill millions of American jobs and give up on the investments that make America competitive in the world -- all the while digging us deeper in debt with wasteful tax handouts.

Brand the plan: The GOP plan is a great strategy to bring in more checks from their corporate campaign donors, but it's a Path to Poverty for America - and Americans want no part of it.

Debunk: We tried their trickle-down economics before and all we got to show for it are massive deficits and a shrinking middle class.

Contrast: Our economy does better everyone pays their fair share, everyone gets a fair shot, and everyone plays by the same rules. 

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CLAIM: "Hardworking taxpayers deserve a path to prosperity -- and Ryan is leading the way."

CLAIM: "The House GOP budget is courageous."

  • Letting seniors go bankrupt and taking food away from vulnerable children to avoid asking your wealthy campaign donors to pay their fair share -- that's cowardly.
  • Courage is standing up to the wealthy and powerful special interests funding their campaigns -- but Washington Republicans won't do it. They actually want more giveaways for the 1%.
  • Do we really want America led by politicians who'll show courage only when their corporate campaign donors give them permission?


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