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Email: "Believe It Or NOT  Please Watch This And Pass It On To All Americans"

November 12, 2009 11:36 am ET

The following email has been widely forwarded and has been reposted numerous times on conservative blogs.  Media Matters Action Network has written a response to the text below.  Please feel free to copy and paste it and send to your friends.

Fw: Believe it or NOT  please watch this and pass it on to all Americans

[note - all mistakes below are original to the text]


Hey! Thanks for sending that my way.

If you look at the website (they critique both Democrats and Republicans), it's clear that this guy doesn't know what he's talking about.

First, PolitiFact says there's not even a treaty yet - so any conversation about what the treaty would do to America is probably not true because there's nothing to talk about yet.

Also, it takes a super majority in the Senate to pass ANY treaty.  The site says "The Senate would have to approve any binding agreement with a 67-vote supermajority. This means that a treaty only becomes binding after a supermajority of democratically elected senators, plus the president, consent. So if the United States decides to give up some of its sovereignty in the matter of carbon emissions, it will only do so after a significant amount of political consent is given."

Finally, PolitiFact says: "we find Monckton's claims to not only be unsupported but preposterous. First, it's impossible to know what agreement will come out of Copenhagen, and when. Second, the U.S. procedure for ratifying treaties requires consent by a supermajority of the Senate - a steep hurdle. Third, it's hard to envision anything coming out of Copenhagen that would change the United States' bedrock principles of freedom and democracy. And fourth, contrary to what Monckton says, the United States can leave an international agreement. So while it pays to be vigilant about threats to U.S. sovereignty, this one is not the threat that Monckton's rhetoric suggests."

If you have time, you should read the whole article, it's really good:

As for the article in the email, that's also not based on fact.  For starters, the author repeatedly insists that global temperatures are cooling.  That's not true. According to the US Department of Commerce, the ocean temperatures this summer were the hottest EVER... and hot oceans lead to more dangerous storms.

Plus, the last decade has been the hottest on record.  There's an awesome chart here that shows just how much warmer the planet is getting.

And as for the author's assertion that clean energy legislation would be "Obama's Iraq," that's just false. For obvious reasons, war is always a tragedy - especially when our motivation for starting the war turns out to be misguided.

Investing in clean energy, however, is a great thing. Studies show it will create 1.7 million American jobs across every state AND help lift the nation out of the economic slump.  Already, abandoned factories are being retooled and reopened to manufacture wind turbines and solar panels.  Also, it will help us become less reliant on the Middle East for our energy - which everyone agrees is a MUST.

Anyway, I hope that sets your mind at ease.  A lot of these emails going around are pretty scary, but it's important to see if they're true before you let them get to you.

Hope all is well!


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